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FF&EZ Adds Support for Multiple Currencies

Posted by henrythe5th on March 1, 2016

As of version 3.2.126, FF&EZ supports the selection of an alternate currency for each project.


For FF&EZ users who conduct business across national borders, FF&EZ now offers the ability to select an appropriate currency on a project-specific basis. All reports for that project (including purchase orders and invoices, if applicable) will be marked with the selected currency.

The selection of a currency is done in two places: 1) the system wide currency for your firm is selected on the Setup form's "Program Options" tab and 2) the system setting can be overridden by the "Project Currency" options on the Project screen.

Both of these controls allow you to first select the desired currency from a list of 3-character ISO standard currency codes. If a currency also has a symbol associated with it that FF&EZ supports in printing, you have the option of using that symbol on screens and reports. In all cases, the currency is designated by labels on the screens and reports. Note that if a symbol might be confused with a similar currency, we recommend that you use the ISO code instead.

Since this new option creates the possibility of conflicts between currencies, each screen or report where more than one currency is active (typically, when importing specifications or printing multi-project reports) will include a warning flag to indicate when this happens.

Please note that no exchange rates are currently utilitized in this feature; exchange rates can vary with time, so the approach that we use in this version is to simply label the amounts you enter with the currency you are using. Your entries should then always reflect the current value of that currency.

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