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FF&EZ's Date Field Shortcuts

Posted by henrythe5th on March 10, 2018

Entering dates into a form can interrupt the flow of your data entry, especially if you want to enter something as simple as today's date or the beginning or end of a month. FF&EZ's date fields include a number of useful shortcuts that can speed up the entry of dates.

Double-click When you are in "editing" mode, brings up a calendar tool that can be used to select a date entry. Be sure to select (click on) the field first. If you double-click in "browsing" mode, editing mode is started since a date field does not have "focus" yet.
[+] [-] [↑] [↓] While editing a date field (including those that are part of report options), pressing the plus or minus keys or the up or down arrow  keys advances or lowers the date in the field. Exception: In all cases, if the date is blank, these keys enter the current date first.
[PgDn] [PgUp]

Pressing the "page down" key will change the date to the beginning of the month, then that of the previous month with each succeeding press. The "page up" key advances to the end of the month and then each succeeding month end. As with other date shortcuts, the current date is inserted if the date is blank. To quickly enter the start of the current month in a blank date field, press [PgDn] twice (unless the current date is the start date).

Tip: If you are trying to set the date to the end of a past month, press [PgDn] (start of month) until you see the start of the desired month, then press [PgUp] once. Do the opposite to quickly find the beginning of a future month. In the same way, you can go to the start or end of a month, then use the other keys to advance or roll back the date one day at a time.

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