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Data-orientation vs. Document-orientation 3: Putting it back together again

The concluding entry in a series that introduces you to how databases work.
Previously, we've shown that an "all-in-one" spreadsheet approach to documenting FF&E specifications is cumbersome and hard to keep updated, In the second segment of this series,…

Data-orientation vs. Document-orientation 2: Just how normal are you?

Part 2 of a discussion of how specifications data can be organized in more "data-oriented" ways
In discussing the limitations of "document-oriented" thinking in the last segment, I discussed one end of the range of ways to organize FF&E specifications data — looking at a…

Data-orientation vs. Document-orientation 1: Introduction

Part of a series of entries describing the differences between being "document-oriented" and "data-oriented" as it applies to successfully using a database.
Being "data oriented" is really just thinking about the pieces of information you deal with daily and finding the most efficient and best-organized way to use them. It means that…