About FF&EZ

FF&EZ was originally created to address the needs of the hospitality industry (and specifically, those of a clerical worker laboriously typing a product specification on a pre-formatted sheet, line by single line).

However, the objectives of the software have expanded to make FF&EZ suitable for uses who range from a single designer to a large firm, in any industry that deals with complex FF&E designs—especially repetitive ones that are found in specific building types and in businesses that involved franchises built to corporate standards. Projects produced with this software range from small custom designs to those with large institutional scopes.

FF&EZ-Design was first introduced as a DOS program in 1991 and has been evolving ever since. The first version of FF&EZ-Design/Purchasing appeared in the late 1990s

FF&EZ for DOS - Main Screen FF&EZ for DOS - Spec Screen FF&EZ for DOS - FF&E Worksheet Screen

The system moved to the Microsoft Windows platform in 2000, introducing the ability to move to any editing screen and to print reports using variable fonts.

FF&EZ for Windows - Main Screen FF&EZ for Windows - Specs Screen FF&EZ for Windows - FF&E Worksheet Screen

As the computer industry standardized on larger monitors, the interface was redesigned to take advantage of the screen space, simplifying the screens while making more information visible.  This resulted in FF&EZ-Design for Windows version 2 and 3 in both the Design and Design/Purchasing versions. Version 4 was first released in the late 2010s.

FF&EZ Version 4 Main Screen FF&EZ Version 4 Specs Screen FF&EZ Version 4 FF&E Worksheet Screen
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